Four days

Four days until we’re pulling out the Century 21 sign in front of our house, that is. Our contract is up on the 31st and we’re so ticked that the sign is coming up, we’re laying it down in front of our house, and calling the office to tell someone to pick it up. We haven’t heard from our agent since right around Thanksgiving. I think the last contact we had was after the showing to those people who wanted to be able to put an inground pool in. She left a message saying they weren’t interested. We didn’t even get a Christmas card from the agency which is totally weird because every other realtor we’ve dealt with in the past always sent one, just to keep up good relations. Apparently this agency doesn’t care too much about that. Oh well. Looks like we won’t need worry about researching any companies like Movers New York or anything, LOL! I know the real estate market sucks, but really… when agents don’t put forth any amount of effort how can they expect to sell anything?

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