Flower Basket Shawl – Progress

I had high hopes of knitting a lot at work today, but other things came up and I didn’t really get much done at all. However, here I am, 16 rows into the Flower Basket Shawl. I think I’m doing this right. (I hope I’m doing this right!) I’ll feel a bit more confident after I have a few more inches, I think. So far I’m enjoying it. It’s keeping my interest and I love the pattern. As for the stats:

Pattern: Fiber Trends Flower Basket Shawl
Yarn: KnitPicks Shadow (Redwood Forest Heather)
Needles: Denise Size 5

Hopefully I’ll get some knitting time in tomorrow night. I am really eager to make headway on this project!

2 Replies to “Flower Basket Shawl – Progress”

  1. Looks good! I haven’t tried anything besides a simple lace so far!

  2. Oooh, I LOVE that yarn!

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