Flea Market Find

This afternoon we decided to head over to the giant flea market over at the fairgrounds. They have two of these flea markets a year — one in the spring and one in the fall. This is the type of flea market that sells pretty much everything, not just antiques. If you’re looking for socks or knock-off purses, you’ll find it. If you’re looking for Tastefully Simple stuff or something that claims to be the best fat burner you’ll find it. If you’re looking for Pyrex or old furniture, you’ll find it. Of course, something like this is hit or miss and I was a little disappointed today. I found a few items I really liked, but the prices were (in my opnion) too high.

I did give Jake 50 cents to buy a choose-your-own adventure Goosebumps book and I lucked out at one booth and found this sweet baby dress for $3:

flea market dress - front

flea market dress - back

I love the eyelet!
flea market dress

But I think the embroidered flowers are what really make it special.
flea market dress

There’s one small stain on the back, but I am pretty sure I can get it out. The woman at this booth had beautiful stuff and it was presented well (which always makes a difference to me). The tag on it says it’s from a three piece denim set, but honestly it’s just so much prettier on its own! I actually haven’t bought much in the way of girl’s clothing (I’ve had no need to because I already have so much that has been gifted), so it’s fun to find something that I really love enough to purchase!

3 thoughts on “Flea Market Find

  1. Lisanne

    That’s adorable!!! Love the flowers. Yes, very special. Makes me wonder the story behind it ~ whose little girl wore it before! I can’t wait to see Little Miss B. wearing it. What size is it? LOVE flea markets. Actually, right after finding out that we were expecting a daughter, we bought Meri’s first two dresses at the Salvation Army! They were adorable!


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