First Sewing Project: A Crayon Roll!

Noah really likes it :-)As I mentioned a few posts ago, my sewing machine arrived late last week and I was really looking forward to setting it up over the weekend. I practiced a few stitches but didn’t dive into any projects. However, I did bookmark a couple dozen ideas for future use! For my first project, I decided to make a crayon roll. Currently I keep crayons in a baggie in my purse for when we are out with the kids. Utilitarian? Yes. Cute? No. So this was something I could use, and basically it’s all sewing straight lines. I’m a real learn-by-doing person. I don’t bother with classes because even when I take them, I usually have to re-learn everything by myself when I make mistakes. So this project took me all afternoon, but I think in the future it would be much faster! It was made simple by the fantastic tutorial at Chocolate on my Cranium It’s not perfect, of course, but considering I had never done any kind of sewing before, I’m happy with it and encouraged to try more projects! The tutorial spells out everything really well. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in making one of these crayon rolls! And now, on to the pictures!

All rolled up! Jake picked out the pirate fabric the other day, but didn’t know my plans:
crayon roll, all rolled up!

The outside, opened flat:
outside of crayon roll

The inside, with crayons:
inside of crayon roll

These would make adorable (and frugal!) last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers. I’ve also been thinking that I’d like some labels for when I do my crafts. Ordering personalized labels can be expensive. I suppose I could buy sheets of iron-on paper and print out my own, but then I thought that maybe I could order a custom rubber stamp. Then I could stamp on twill tape with Staz-On ink in whatever color I want and not have extra labels that are just bound to get lost. I might look into that.

For some future projects I have been thinking about bibs, a changing pad, and burp cloths. With three babies in my family this year (me, my cousin, and my sister-in-law!), I’ll have plenty of opportunity to make stuff!


  1. Sara says:

    I think you did an excellent job! Thanks for the link, I’m bookmarking it for Jac. She will love making this for Vi’s crayons. 🙂

    You can buy blank labels and embroider your logo/name whatever on them if you want. There are places that offer tags that aren’t too expensive.

  2. Lisanne says:

    That looks awesome!!! You did a wonderful job!

    Colorful Images has fabric labels (much like what hangs inside a T-shirt) that say, “An Original By …” My grandpa ordered some of those to sew onto his handmade blankets. I’ve been wanting to buy some of those or make my own for my knitted and sewn things, too. I thought about buying you some for your shower on Sunday, actually, to include in your basket, but time slipped away from me. 🙁 Sorry about that. You could actually buy some of that iron-on fabric that you can slip through your printer. That might be nice, too. And that way, you could come up with your own graphics, text, etc.

  3. Dinnetta says:

    Great project! I was just going to do some of these to sell to local boutiques.

    As for the labels, you can get some REALLY great ones on etsy. I got some there and I love them. I sew them into (or onto depending on the type of thing I’m doing) every craft that I do. I like the satin printed ones or the fabric printed. Either one is washable and CHEAP. I got 360 1×1 half folded ones for $30. Not too shabby.

    Check out etsy! You’ll be surprised! AND you can do custom labels with your own logo or whatever. They’re totally washable and printed with special inks so they won’t run in the washer if someone slips it in the water. 🙂 Hope that helps you!

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