First Letter to Santa

Jake's Christmas Wish ListYesterday Jake decided that he wanted to write a Christmas list and mail it to Santa, just to give him a few ideas. Drew helped Jake spell everything out, but he managed to do all the writing himself. In case it’s difficult to read, Jake would like:
1. Transformers
2. Costumes
3. Legos
4. Crafts
5. Monster truck

Apparently he got stuck after crafts, but wanted to add one more thing to the list and monster trucks just happened to come to mind. I have to laugh because he’s not really into cars, so that one was out from left field! Everything else is no surprise, and I have a feeling Santa might be delivering a few of the other items. He’s really into pretend play (hence, the costumes). He likes to play pirates and use my old costume jewelry for the treasure. And of course, we all know his love of T-formers and Legos. Drew and I often have to take photos of Jake’s Lego creations in order to convince him to take them apart. Yeah, the kid gets attatched to his creations, LOL. Anyway, I just thought the list was so cute I had to share.

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  1. plum says:

    That’s cute. T is big into Transformers too. DH is disappointed as he keeps wanting to buy him the Cars stuff, but I told him he needs to get over it and move on as T obviously has.

  2. Brooke says:

    Too cute. Ethan’s getting 2 Lego sets. He loves building stuff. He’s getting the airport and gas station. Both cost a lot and I hope he gets a lot of use out of them.

  3. jesser says:

    Love that little kid handwriting. Something for his memory box for sure. He sounds like he has very well rounded interests. This could’ve been my xmas list when I was little actually, save the monster trucks … hehe.

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