feeling hooky

Ah, yesterday I mailed out the last pumpkin hat I’d promised to a friend. While they were fun, I am so done with pumpkins for a while, LOL! I’m still on hats, though. Last winter I’d promised both my dad and my husband winter hats. I’m not fooled by this weekend’s warmer temperatures; I know winter is well on the way (in fact it should be in the 40s later this week — eek!). So my plan is to crank through hats and hand warmers and then hopefully, hopefully start on a new project. I still would like to knit Colonnade or some other shawl, or a scarf with an interesting pattern. I’ve not yet decided.

Last week I requested several crochet books from the library for inspiration and they all arrived on Saturday. Mom and I had lots of fun looking through them and getting ideas. Here are a few projects that I just love. The first two are from Special Techniques & Stiches in Crochet, edited by Judy Crow.

I am thinking that this might be the pattern for my next ripple blanket. I’m not sure about colors yet, but I just love how this looks:


And this sweater! It’s so simple, but so classic, I think. In college I had a silk sweater that was very similar so maybe that’s why I like this so much:


Then there’s this beautiful lacy scarf. This scarf and the following shawl are from the book Wrapped in Crochet: Scarves, Wraps & Shawls by Kristin Omdahl. I think that right now this gorgeous scarf is out of my skill set, but that’s OK. It’s still pretty to look at:


Last, there’s this shawl. It doesn’t seem very useful. I mean, how warm can it keep your shoulders? But I just think it looks so cool. It reminds me of spiderwebs. Maybe I can finish it in time for next Halloween? 🙂


Too many projects, and too little time! Isn’t that always the way?


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