Favorite Funny Movies

Not like we have any shortage of movies to watch, but a trend I’ve noticed is that when we’re buying movies (Blockbuster sometimes has really great deals on their pre-viewed DVDs), I always gravitate towards dramas and really serious movies. However, at night after the kids are in bed and we’re both tired from long days, I just don’t have the brain capacity to pay attention to a drama. Nine times out of ten I want a goofy, funny, silly comedy. The kind that makes you laugh so hard you wish you were wearing adult pads because you feel like you’re going to pee from laughing so hard. I’ve recently found a couple sites that offer codes to get free movies at Redbox locations (they have one at my S&S), so if you have any recommendations, I’m all ears!

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  1. For pure stupid laughs, I like Euro Trip (this movie is the reason we wouldn’t consider the name Fiona for our daughter), Harold & Kumar, Animal House, 40 Year Old Virgin … they aren’t heavy on the smarts, but they are enjoyable. Then there are a whole other set of movies that my family finds funny (my mom and sister in paticular), but to outsiders they just don’t get it … titles might include Clue, Reality Bites, Captain Ron, Sixteen Candles, et al. Though lately, I find myself watching a lot of TV box sets … Ugly Betty cracks me up.

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