Fall Gardening

snail1.gifCan you believe it’s September? Wow, I just can’t believe it — last two months absolutely flew by. We’ve been taking advantage of end-of-season sales at home centers and getting more bushes and perennials for our garden. I’m also thinking of planting tulip bulbs (and maybe some grape hyacinths, which I always used to call “huckleberries” for some reason when I was a kid) in one of our flower beds so there will be a nice burst of color early in the spring. I’m also thinking of replacing some of our current yard art that is fading fast. Anyone who has been to our house has no doubt seen our huge lawn turtle (a wedding gift from one of Drew’s former co-workers), and I’m thinking that this metal snail might make a nice companion for Mr. Turtle. I love browsing through Online Discount Mart’s home and garden supplies because they always have really unique items at great prices. Check them out!

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