entirely too much winter

more winter.

Yesterday we woke up to snow-covered everything. When all was said and done, between Tuesday and Wednesday’s snow I think we got between 14 and 16 inches. (It’s already compacted down, though.) Schools were closed yesterday and our power was out for about eight hours. During that time I channeled my inner pioneer and saw just how resourceful I could be when it came down to it. Having no power meant that our well wasn’t pumping water into the house, so we filled stock pots with snow and set them next to the wood stove to melt. Then I made tea on the wood stove 😉 It’s not too often that you actually use a wood stove to cook with in this day and age, but that’s how I heated up our lunch and it worked just fine! While the power was out the boys made a fort in Jake’s room:

superfort building

The power came back on in the early afternoon, thankfully. There are still people in the area without power. And, naturally, today we have a cold, wet, yucky mess on our hands. Schools are closed again and it’s been alternating between snow, rain, and sleet all day. Since the weather isn’t fit for outdoor play, the boys are having a pyjama day. There’s been reading, playing with the Wii and with G.I. Joe action figures, doing Pix-Os, and I’m sure a bunch of things I don’t even know about. I made cupcakes for them to decorate after lunch. It’s not quite Crumbs, but they were pretty good!

(almost) as good as crumbs

Laura’s not feeling well. She’s all sniffly, sneezy, and snotty. She allowed me to put her down for a few minutes to work on the cupcakes though. But she’s still so cute, even when she’s not feeling herself.

I also cleaned out and rearranged the cabinet that holds our glasses, made hot and sour soup, and also made chai tea concentrate. Now, because I had such a busy morning and barely slept last night, I am totally wiped out. I think I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon watching shows on Netflix and (if I’m lucky) getting some crochet in, too.

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  1. Kathy Chamberlin says: Reply

    OH, my goodness. She’s an absolute doll. Think this is the first picture I’ve seen of her.

    What a little beauty.

  2. I sooo feel for you. We had a winter like this when I was pregnant with Tabby (and another the year after that). I was SO SICK OF WINTER. Spring is coming soon, HONEST!! And in the meantime, you get to soak in all that adorableness around you.

  3. I love that photo above ~ so gorgeous! That’s what it looks like here, too. I’m so curious to see how much snow we’re going to get tonight/tomorrow. Poor Laura ~ Meredith also has the sniffles, and I think she has given her cold to me. 🙁 I am *so* ready for spring. Oh, and I’ve been meaning to try that chai concentrate ~ but not until after Lent! It’ll be a great treat to look forward to!

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