I’m in one of those moody moods today. I think I’m just discouraged about selling this house. Yesterday it was all over the news how shitty the market is, how buyers are “waiting on the sidelines” and honestly I’m just so frustrated. It’s been 6 months. It’s depressing. I’ve been busting my hump preparing for this weekend’s open house and I’m not even sure why. The last one only two people came. The one before that (with a different realtor), the only people who showed up were nosy neighbors. Hopefully we’ll have a few actual possible buyers on Sunday now that everyone is back from vacations and it is supposed to be a nice day.

I just want to move already!

3 Replies to “Eh.”

  1. I’m sorry. 🙁 That has to suck. 🙁 I hope that you get into a better mood soon.

  2. I hope lots of people come for the open house…

  3. My fingers and toes are crossed that you will find a buyer this weekend!

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