Early bird

It never makes sense to me, but when I’m going on little sleep, I am so much more productive than when I get a full night’s rest. (Maybe I really am one of those people who function best on like 5 hours?) Today, for absolutely no reason, I was wide awake at 4:30. I’d actually been awake since exactly 3:33 AM, but I gave myself an hour to fall back to sleep, which never happened. So I took advantage of the quiet hours of dawn. I made tea, listened to the birds, enjoyed the breeze coming through the window, wrote an e-mail, straightened out the bedroom, and basically eased into my day the way I would like to every day. I’ve also already made chicken and chick pea curry (simmering in the Crock Pot and it smells so incredibly good), as well as a small pot of soup from the chicken thigh bones left over after I took the meat off of them for previously mentioned curry. I also have done two loads of laundry, planted one flat of marigolds, and half a flat of petunias. The insane amount of caffeine in my system is probably helping a little 😉 (Though I think I feel a headache kicking in. Must. Drink. Water.)

At any rate, maybe I should just get up early every day. After the first 10 bleary minutes, I awaken pretty quickly and it’s so nice to have that time all to myself.

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  1. OK, you are better than me, I usually go to sleep at 3:33 am and wake up at 7:00am.

  2. I’m the same way! It’s crazy ~ when Meredith doesn’t sleep well and I’m up with her a zillion times during the night, I always think that I’m going to *barely* be able to function the next day. But somehow, I do just great and get a *lot* done! But when I actually *do* get a little bit of sleep, I feel groggy. I guess that it’s because I’m so used to being sleep-deprived? hehe 🙂

  3. Funny, I am a useless, miserable heap when I don’t get enough sleep. But, even on little sleep, my first couple hours are the best ones. If I can manage to pry myself out of bed really early, like before everyone else in the universe is awake (5-6 am?), and put on a pot of coffee, I can move mountains before 9am. After 3pm, forget it. My brain doesn’t work.

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