dress dilemma

My husband’s 20th high school reunion is coming up in April and I have no idea what I am going to wear. He attended a Jesuit school so I want to make sure I look presentable. I mean, I’m sure everyone would be accepting if I showed up in some sassy hip hop clothing, but why risk it? (Not to mention that’s not exactly my style.)

But do I go with a dress? Or a pretty top and dress pants? I just don’t know. I bought this gorgeous shirt at Kohl’s recently — a Simply Very tank with a tie on one side. It is super cute but it’s a dark orange color. Almost like pumpkin. Is that inappropriate for spring? And what color pants should I wear — brown? Gray? My black and white pinstripe? I just don’t know.

Time is ticking away so I need to find something fast.

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  1. Carol, is it just a one night function, or both Friday and Saturday nights? Also, how cool will it be in your neck of the woods in April? The tank sounds adorable, but I’m picturing it sleeveless. Is it? If so, you might be too cool during the evening. Also, the bright pumpkins shade might be a little challenging to pair with the right color of slacks. I meant to say, though, I’d definitely wear pants and a semi-dressy top. You can dress it up or down so easily with strappy sandals, jewelry, etc. Also some kind of wrap with a loose drape, but that might prove to be a pain as the evening wears on. I’d aim for a 3/4-sleeve top – as dressy as you wanna go, nice pants and sorta dressy sandals.

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