Denim Shirt Review

shirt.jpg About a year ago when I was cleaning out my closet I decided to get rid of my old denim shirt. I’d had it since my freshman year in college! As you can imagine, it was worn thin. I liked to use it as a light jacket or inside the house instead of a sweater if I was just a bit chilly. So when I had the opportunity to recieve a brand-new denim shirt from for review, I jumped at the chance! It was delivered very quickly by UPS. You can’t really tell from the photo (and could I possibly look any dorkier?), but the denim is very soft. I’ve worn denim shirts that are kind of stiff, but this would not fall under that category. All the buttons are sewn on tight and although I have not washed it yet, I think it will hold up well. I ordered a size medium and it runs pretty true to size. offers wholesale prices to the average consumer, and if I needed a bunch of shirts for an event, I would strongly considered ordering from them just based on the quality of this shirt.

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  1. UMass loves denim says: Reply

    I truly belive you indeed could not look dorkier.
    but school was great fun and you look very warm.

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