CSA Share ~ Week 22

CSA Share Week 22

Today I picked up our second-to-last share. It was pretty rainy and cold, so I just breezed through quick. I skipped the PYO flowers (there’s not much left honestly) and parsley (the only thing left of the herbs — I never use parsley anyway). I also passed over the tat soi, mustard greens, and choice of kale or swiss chard.

Even still, I think it’s quite the share. We got potatoes, onions, delicata squash, carrots, parsnips, a bell pepper, a head of garlic, radishes, broccoli, celeriac, a head of lettuce, and arugula. I still have a couple squash in the fridge so I think I’ll bring a couple down to my mother-in-law this weekend, as well as some potatoes and onions because we’re just overloaded with them. Though, tomorrow I do plan on cooking up a bunch of home fries and making a batch of breakfast burritos. I’ve made this recipe several times and they are so good! They freeze well and you just need to take them out to thaw before bed if you want them for breakfast. Once they’re warmed, I like to press them on my “panini press” (a.k.a. Foreman Grill) so they get crispy. Delicious!

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  1. Breakfast burritos ROCK .. ugh .. getting hungry thinking of them !

  2. chop of the onions and then freeze them… then when you need some you got them for later… you can do the same for the peppers and potatoes too… but with the potatoes just par boil them… let them cool and then bag and freeze…

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