CSA Share, Week #17

CSA Share: Week #17

Because I know my dad looks forward to seeing our weekly farm shares, I am not waiting to write this up in the morning, even though I’m tired. I’m such a good daughter 🙂 LOL! Clearly, this was a HUGE share this week. Maybe that is just because of the vegetables are giant, I don’t know. But it sure was heavy. I should have weighed my basket before I put everything away. Lots of good stuff this week, though. Let’s see here… 8 lbs. of tomatoes (no, that is not a typo — 8 lbs.), 3 lbs. Adirondack Blue potatoes, 4 red peppers, 3ish lbs. onions, 1 head lettuce, 1 head broccoli, 2 of the prettiest and biggest turnips I’ve ever seen, 1 bunch of radishes, swiss chard, zucchini, winter squash (one I know is sweet dumpling, the other I’m not sure), 2 fennel bulbs, dill, cilantro, scallions, flowers, garlic, arugula… oh and PYO tomatillos!!! I was super excited about that. They are so delicate and pretty in their natural wrappers.

I did skip on a couple things: the two heads of tat soi becacuse I’m not so crazy about it and seriously — I think I have enough to keep me busy. I also skipped PYO cherry tomatoes. Seriously folks — 8 lbs is enough, don’t you think?

You can’t see the zucchini in the photo but it’s HUGE, too. I think I’m just going to shred it up and freeze it for winter. We’ll probably eat the broccoli with tomorrow’s dinner. I might make an orange and fennel salad. The blue potatoes will be fun to play with, too. I may sautee the chard with some breadcrumbs to go with the pork on Friday. We’ll see. Also, big plans to make tomato powder this week since I have a crazy amount of them. Maybe start that tomorrow. I’m sure I will find uses for everything. And when it doubt — freeze it! If we do the CSA again next year I will have to get some canning supplies, I think. My freezer is just not big enough.

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  1. I really don’t know how you keep up with your share! It is a MUCH larger quantity than mine (although, mine seemed kind of paltry this year). I’m impressed with how much work you do to not just eat it fresh but also freezing/can/etc. for the winter!

  2. I just cannot believe how many things you get in your CSA share. That’s unreal! Wow ~ so awesome! Yeah, how do you keep up with it? I really kind of wish that we had an entire share to ourselves (we share with another family). I seriously think that we could eat EVERYTHING ourselves in a week with no problem! As I said in my e-mail, Friday is PYO tomatoes. Can’t wait for that! I’m going to try my hand at tomato preserves, I think! 🙂

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