CSA Distribution #5

CSA distribution - Week 5

Tuesdays seem to come so fast! Yesterday’s might be the prettiest share yet, though. We brought home two heads of lettuce, three turnips, two heads of broccoli, six stems of basil, five garlic scapes, a bunch of scallions, one zucchini, one kohlrabi, pick-your-own peas, and a flower bouquet. I didn’t take any bok choi or Chinese cabbage. No sense in it if it’s not going to get eaten. We also bought a dozen organic eggs because they were so yummy last week.

Obviously, this is a super-easy share to use up. I’m going to actually make zucchini muffins (inspired by Dara) today with the zucchini from this week and last’s week’s share. I’m not feeling so much like fish tonight, so I am thinking of making a veggie-ranch pizza for dinner with the broccoli. We’ll see. Lettuce for salads, turnips for salads, scallions and basil for everything!!! I’ll make slaw with the kohlrabi. My parents will get to enjoy a good bit of this as I’m bringing some up to them this weekend: lettuce, peas, broccoli, and maybe some scapes. Good eats!

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  1. Ooh… I hope we get more of this sort of stuff this week! I don’t know how many more greens I can take.

  2. I’m so jealous. Our CSA is getting off to a slow start this year because it was cold so late in the season and it’s been too wet to plant. We’ve been promised lots of yummies soon, but it’s been slim pickings our first few weeks. The bug has decided that she really likes fresh asparagus though, and we did get several pounds of strawberries the first two weeks.

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