CSA Distribution #4

CSA Distribution #3

If it’s Tuesday, you know what that means… CSA day! Yesterday was a gorgeous day and there were tons of people picking up early like we were. Pick-up on Tuesdays is from 4-6, and I usually go right around 4. The past few weeks there haven’t been too many people yet but yesterday it was actually crowded! Very cool. I did see Nate, who writes From the Ground Up, but unlike last week when it was quiet and I was able to chat with Erin, this week there was a lot going on, so I didn’t want to bother anyone – I just let him get on with his work. But anyway, hi! 🙂

This week we got two enormous (and I mean ENORMOUS) heads of lettuce, a head of ENORMOUS Chinese cabbage, a huge head of bok choi, one zucchini, one squash, 5 garlic scapes, pick-your-own peas, 5 heads of broccoli, and 3/4-lb spinach (which I actually passed on this week because I am just spinached-out). The pick-your-own peas was a lot of fun and Jake discovered that he loves (and I mean loves) peapods! How could you not, though? They’re so sweet and yummy. We also bought a dozen eggs from Thunderhill Farm. I don’t remember seeing them there before, but I hope they continue to be sold because it’s convenient and man, those eggs were delicious this morning! They’re over in Stanfordville too so I might need to check them out for poultry.

At any rate, there will of course be lots of salads with the lettuce. I think I’m going to make Dara’s Sweet Sesame Cabbage and Radish Slaw with the Chinese cabbage and I’m going to sautee the bok choi with garlic and olive oil and serve both with pork tenderloin later this week. I still have scapes from last week and thought I’d make a small batch of pesto, but Drew’s not so hot on that, so instead I’m going to make a compound butter with them to keep in the freezer for a very mild garlic bread. I might use more bok choi, cabbage, and peas for a stir-fry this weekend with leftover pork. I’ll make a quick zucchini-squash sautee with parmesan cheese (maybe add canned tomatoes too). And the broccoli will be eaten raw or steamed as a simple side dish.

By the way, I am finding so many great recipes in The Vegetarian Epicure. If you’re finding yourself stumped, see if your library has it! (Note to Dara: there are a bunch of chard recipes in there that sound great, including a crepe recipe!)

Well, I need to get crackin’ and cleaning. This afternoon D.’s dad and brother are visiting. His dad is up from Miami for a few days so that will be fun seeing him! I also would like to take down some of my spring decorations and make it a bit more summery. Have a delightful day!

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  1. Your Dishcloth swap pal says: Reply

    When you write you make me sooooo hungry. I want to go in the kitchen and cook.

    I love all your ideas for the veggies you get.

    Have fun cooking everything.

    Your swap pal

  2. I haven’t tried Bok Choi yet but I want to… it is on my list of things to try but I always forget it when I am in the store…

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