CSA 2009: Share #1

CSA 2009 - Share #1

I’ve been waiting for this day since the depths of mid-winter, when our calendar for bi-weekly shareholders arrived from Sisters Hill Farm. Yes, today was our first pick-up of the season! As I’ve mentioned before, this year we are opting for a bi-weekly share. It was a little bit cheaper and the produce load should not be so heavy on us this year. Last summer got a bit overwhelming!

Our first share included:

  • 2 heads of lettuce
  • 3/4 lb. arugula
  • 1 head bok choi
  • 1/4 lb. mixed Asian greens (I went heavy on the red mustard, which is quite spicy and really delicious)
  • 8 radishes

The arugula, in particular, is amazing. It has a divine nutty/spicy flavor and I couldn’t help but pick a few leaves out of the bag and munch on them while driving home! Not a bad way to start the season, don’t you think? 🙂


  1. Lisanne says:

    LOVE arugula. Looks like a great share. Ours starts in mid June, I think. Radishes make an awesome snack ~ especially dipped in ranch dressing! 🙂 At first, I thought all of that stuff was inside your fridge ~ and I thought, “Wow, their fridge is REALLY clean!” But then I realized it was your patio table, LOL!

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