1. jaya says:

    You can do it! Just take your time. And I don’t recall the cast on in question, but if in doubt, just do another one. You’ll find it hard to notice once it’s blocked anyway 😉

  2. lisanne says:

    Hey ~ you are *such* a talented person. Seriously. My mom and I were talking about that yesterday when I showed her the “tea” trivet that you made for me a while back. My mom said, “That girl can do anything!” 🙂 Hang in there … you *will* get it. I know how frustrating projects can be sometimes.

  3. Liz says:

    Carol, don’t stress about the cast-on. I just did the knitted cast-on. It’s so few stitches that it won’t be noticeable. You can do it!

  4. flygrrl says:

    It looks like you got it! I remember similar frustration with my 2-strand cast-on for a brioche stitch scarf. It took several tries, but once I started to understand what was going on, I got the hang of it. There’s great satisfaction in trying a challenging knitting project and finally getting it right. Looks good so far!!

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