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Yesterday was delurking day, apparently, and had I known I would have mentioned it on my blog here. I know I have more people reading than my usual commenters — I’m especially interested to know who certain readers are from certain areas of New York and Massachusetts. They can’t all be my family (and my friend Dara!). So here’s your chance to delurk, comment, and help me out.

I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my Amazon account. And it’s almost my birthday. So I thought I’d use it to buy myself a new cookbook. What would you suggest? Keep in mind that I do like quick and easy recipes, but I’m quite adept at cooking and not afraid of a challenge. I also like to stay away from anything involving multiple cans of condensed soup, LOL… So, what are your favorites? Give me some ideas!

ETA: Oooor, should I subscribe to one of the following: Cooking Light, Everyday Food, or Food & Wine?

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  1. Why ya gotta be a smartass?

  2. I hope that you spend your GC on something you will use…do you have a slow cooker? I have this one and I use it a lot!

    WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? Give it up!

  3. Delurking from AZ. 🙂 Actually, I used to be on Mommietalk waaaay back in the day and I think that’s where I first bookmarked your site. I recently found Jenn on Sparkpeople and saw that you were there as well. I have two kiddos – a 4 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. My husband and I are also major wine junkies, and I think it’s so cool that you work in a wine shop!

  4. Forgot to add that I love both Cooking Light and Everyday Food. I have a few recipes in my rotation from EF, although since I’m eating healthier these days, I tend to look for recipes in Cooking Light.

  5. Everyday Food then .. so you can give the old issues to me! 🙂

  6. delurking from Canada. I have been popping in to read your blog for some time but never left a comment before. I actually found you through your friend Dara ( I have made a couple of quilts for her, she is friends with my neice) and the name of your blog caught my eye from her blog. I like to cook too, but its more in my head than me actual doing anything. 🙂

    I would vote for Everyday Food. It has some good quick easy recipes.

  7. The Moosewood cookbooks are all great!

  8. Humm… I would get this one …
    Food & Wine Annual Cookbook 2007: An Entire Year of Recipes (Food & Wine Annual Cookbook) (Hardcover)
    or get this one
    Wild Sweets: Exotic Dessert and Wine Pairings (Wild Sweets) (Paperback)

  9. I would totally subscribe to Everyday Food. That sounds really cool, and I’ve heard so many people rave about it.

    Oh, BTW … I’m Lisanne, and I live over here in the next county over. Hi! LOL! 🙂

  10. Hola! I really use this one a lot (no, really!):
    Steven Raichlen’s BBQ USA:
    I second Shannon’s rec for the food and wine one.
    As for your magazine choices, I’d probably go with Food and Wine knowing your love for wine. I’m not sure if Amazon offers it, but Cook’s Illustrated is an amazing bi-monthly magazine, little pricey though.

  11. I have like 100 cookbooks, but y’know what I get more recipes out of than anything? My Everyday Food magazines. Maybe you can subscribe to that. The recipes are so good and so easy. I think that’s what I’d spend my $$ on.

  12. I’ve recently taken to going to the library to check out cookbooks before buying them. Good way to test run some of the recipes without buying a book that might sit on the shelf. I “test-drove” Everyday Food: Great Food Fast and liked it a lot. It is now on my Amazon Wishlist. I also like Better Homes and Gardens Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes. It has a great variety of recipes.

    As for magazines, I have Cooking Light and really like it. I’m supposed to be getting a free subscription to Bon Appetit from Sur la Table…will let you know how I like that when I get it.

  13. Hi! I’m not really de-lurking, as I’ve never been here before. Today you showed up as a ‘neighbor’ on ravelry. . . we have 3 projects in common 🙂 One of my most used cookbooks is How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman.

    I spent a lot of time in Fishkill when I used to live in Burlington, Vermont. I work for a ‘large company’ with a factory there 🙂

  14. My friend who is a foodie and an amazing cook lives by Cooks Illustrated magazine; they have a couple of books out too. I haven’t checked them out yet. My old standbys are The Joy of Cooking and the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook, so though I like to be adventurous with cooking (and look for new recipes on the internet a lot), I have not been very adventurous in seeking out new cookbooks.

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