christmas cookies… with a kick

I know, I know. It’s taboo to mention anything Christmas-related before Thanksgiving, but if you want to be organized, sometimes you gotta think ahead. I don’t usually makes much in the way of Christmas cookies. Honestly, I am a terrible cookie baker. They are either undercooked or burned, and really… cookies are quite a lot of work. I’d rather just bake a cake. But if you enjoy the process and want to do something different with your gingerbread boys and girls this year, here are a couple neat ideas I’ve found while surfing around.

These ABC (Already Been Chewed) gingerbread men distress my 5 year old a little. “They’re all sad,” he said with a sniffle. So sensitive children might not find these amusing. But I think they’re funny in a warped kind of way.

Noah, however, did get a real kick out of these ninjabread men cookie cutters:

I think they’re pretty funny. Both of these sets are available at various online shops.

And finally, these are not cookie cutters, but ready-to-buy cookies. I could not resist including them. Gingerbread Yogis! Totally adorable! You can order them for $35 at Patti Paige Baked Ideas Custom Baking.

Source: Patti Page Baked Ideas

What kind of cookies are your favorite at the holidays?

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the yoga cookies. By the way, we now, for the forst time, are selling the cutters!!!!

    2 sets of 5 cutters per set. CHeck them out in our store at


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