Christmas Chaos

Hoo boy, it has been ages since I posted — way over a month. I didn’t mean to let that happen, but I am sure you understand, especially with the holidays, life gets busy! One of my 2018 goals is to set a blogging schedule so I am at least popping in with a photo or a quick note a few times a week.

This month has been insane for me — between special events at work and special events at the kids’ schools, and visits from relatives, and shopping, and — let’s be honest here — just life in general, there were not enough hours in the day! But I managed to get through it all, not much worse for the wear.

I did manage to get a little crochet done, and I’ll share that in a seperate post. I did hit a middle-aged milestone this month. That’s right, I had my annual eye exam and had to make the switch to progressive lenses.


Honestly, I don’t care too much — I’m very happy not having to lift my glasses every time I need to read something. They also were not as difficult to get used to as I thought. Things seemed a little wonky for about a day and a half until I got to used to where to look, and now it’s totally fine.

Everything else is going well and I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! As usual, we will be going to my MIL’s. Christmas Day my parents are supposed to come to our house, and I just hope the weather cooperates!

Today I have a few last-minute things to wrap, then just get the house straightened up. Mostly I plan to take it easy — drink some cocoa and watch some Christmas movies.


What about you… are you guys ready for Christmas?

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