chilly sunday morning

Goodness, it is bone-chilling out there! According to, the temperature is a balmy 0 degrees F. Drew took Jake to religion class and said the thermometer in the car registered 12 degrees. Either way, it’s freezing. It would be so nice to be heading on a vacation to one of the all inclusive hotels in one of the tropical destinations. Nothing to worry about except relaxing in the sun! Ahh….

Yeah, well I guess I can daydream but let’s get back to reality, shall we? LOL! Yesterday my BIL and his girlfriend visited and we had a great time visiting. We all took turns playing Mario Kart for the Wii. I am terrible at that game — it’s hysterical to watch. Thankfully I’m a much better driver on the road. We didn’t get to see them at Christmas because we all were sick, so I was really glad they made the trip up here from New Jersey to spend the afternoon.

Today I need to do some grocery shopping. I have a great meal plan this week with lots of yummy dinners. I’m trying a few new recipes because I’m bored to death with what I’ve been cooking. I find it hard to get inspired during the winter, but after looking through some of my many cookbooks I flagged a number of recipes to make over the next few weeks. I also want to start Laura’s Easter dress. I swatched it the other day and now I’m thinking I’ll make the 12-month size. She is gaining more weight now that she’s eating more solid foods. If it’s a little big that’s OK, right? Then she’ll be able to wear it a few times over the next few months. Maybe even for Jake’s First Holy Communion in May.

I hope you’re somewhere warm and cozy today. Have a wonderful week!

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