June starts with a couple of big celebrations: our wedding anniversary and Laura’s birthday. This year we kept our anniversary very low-key because it’s such a busy time in general. We celebrated our 12th anniversary and Drew gave me this beautiful necklace (the pearls are strung on silk threads — he loves finding something that follows the traditional gift guide). Isn’t it lovely?


We ordered Chinese food for dinner and he was zonked out by 8:30 because the night before he and the rest of our Cub Scout pack had been on a trip to Battleship Cove. They all slept on the ship, in bunks four-deep! Although it was tiring, the trip was fantastic. Drew, the boys, and my Dad (who also went) learned so much about WWII naval history and made some great memories together.

The night before the trip, however, Drew was running the projector at an outdoor movie at the kids’ school and didn’t get home until nearly midnight! They had to leave at 7:30, so needless to say, he was beat.

Then Monday rolled around and it was my sassy lady’s 4th birthday! As usual, we had the birthday kid’s breakfast place setting decorated and the presents out.


Buying gifts for a 4-year-old is great! The simplest things made her day: a new Barbie, some Play-Dough, new watercolors, a Hello Kitty headband, and some play jewelry.


After lunch we had to get some groceries, but our first stop was Toys R Us so she could pick something out with her $3 birthday coupon. All she wanted was “kitchen stuff” — she beelined straight toward the toy kitchens and picked a basket with lots of play food in it. She wanted to make dinner for her stuffed animals, she said. Too cute!

Of course, the birthday girl got to choose dinner, which was pizza. There were cupcakes for dessert, too!


I think she had a great day. So hard to believe that four years have gone by and she will be going to pre-school in September.

We’re having a party for her on Sunday and I’m just praying that the weather holds out. Right now it looks to be perfect, so my fingers are crossed that we’ll have a nice day for her!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your baby! Her day sounds lovely 🙂

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