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A fresh week

It is a new week so I am getting this post up bright and early, and hopefully I won’t far too far behind with my blogging for once, LOL! Hopefully you all had a great weekend. We enjoyed gorgeous spring weather here in the Hudson Valley. In addition to trying out the new boba shop in town, we took Laura to volleyball practice, did a little shopping, and did a little planning for a backyard refresh.

Today is a busy one, too… N. has his AP Calculus exam this morning, I have to reschedule a doctor’s appointment (ugh… I hate having to do that), work is going to be a busy one and then I have my board meeting tonight. So let’s get off to a positive start, shall we?

Linking up with Sandra at Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday,

The Weather:::
It’s bright and sunny as I am typing this out, just before 7 AM.
Monday – Sunny, 51/72
Tuesday – Cloudy 44/63
Wednesday – Sunny 39/70
Thursday – Partly sunny 45/75
Friday – Rainy 49/78
Saturday – Cloudy 53/77
As I look outside my window:::
Spring is in full bloom and I am loving it! The kids will be outside my window any minute as well, waiting for the bus.
Right now I am::: 
Chatting with Laura about styling jean shorts, LOL…
Thinking and pondering:::
If I will be able to reschedule my doctor’s appointment within a reasonable time frame.
On my bedside table:::
Water cup, thyroid pills, basket of random odds & ends
On my tv this week:::
What We Do In the Shadows
… need to start another show or two
Listening to:::
It’s quiet in the house, so just me typing!
On the lunch plate:::
Not sure yet… 
On the dinner plate:::
Buttermilk grilled chicken
On the menu for this week:::
Monday – Buttermilk grilled chicken, potato salad, zucchini
Tuesday – Turkey burgers
Wednesday – Italian sausages and pasta, green salad
Thursday –  Halal street cart chicken (copycat recipe)
Friday – Pizza maybe?
Saturday – Pot roast (bumped again!)
Sunday (Mother’s Day) – Grab something out after L’s volleyball game maybe?
On my reading pile:::
The Writing Retreat  by Julia Bartz

On my to do list:::

Some houseplant care
Laundry (never ending right?)
Plans for this week:::
Visiting my folks on Wednesday
Volleyball practice Thursday
Middle school dance on Friday
Volleyball game on Sunday
What I am creating:::
Still haven’t completed this from early April —-> Still working on Laura’s bag. I need to take an inventory of all my crochet WIPs and finish them before starting new projects.
My simple pleasure::: 
That first cup of coffee. Probably one of my favorite things.
Looking around the house:::
As you’d expect after the weekend! I’ll sort it out a bit before work.
From the camera:::
Sadly, I did not really take many photos last week and I am not at all caught up on my Copperplate alphabet, so I don’t have anything to share.
Wishing you all a good week ahead!

Surprise flowers


Today two of our wonderful patrons surprised the library staff with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers for National Library Week to show their appreciation for what we do for the community. And as I told these lovely ladies, we couldn’t fulfill our mission without support from people like them. So grateful to live and work where I do!

A day of puttering around

Today I…

  • Did a load of laundry and hung out my blouses and sweatshirts. (So happy it is clothesline weather!)
  • Went to the bank for a business deposit
  • Grabbed some items at Sam’s Club for a library program
  • Hit Shop Rite & Walmart for a few groceries we were short on (I swear berries don’t last a day – they are just gobbled up!)
  • Came home and had a quick lunch — broccoli cheese soup and a turkey sandwich
  • Practiced calligraphy (more on this tomorrow)
  • Made bacon burgers, fries, and green bean salad for dinner
  • Got into some warm PJs and covered up with like 5 blankets because it was so cold for some reason
  • Watched a few episodes of What We Do in the Shadows before going to bed.

Another Monday

I figured I’d get this up bright and early before I get too busy with my day. I have to be honest with you — I think I might be over the whole Blog365 thing. It is such a chore posting every single day and I while I’m glad it got me back in the habit of blogging, I am not sure I am going to continue with the aggressive posting schedule. I may scale back to three times a week instead of seven. 

This week is a busy one. Laura starts a spring volleyball league, Noah has his last high school concert, I have a jam-packed week at work… and I kind of just don’t see the point of posting something just to post. 

But, since it is Monday, I will share my meal plan for the week.

Monday: BBQ pulled pork, macaroni & cheese, broccoli

Tuesday: Crock Pot Mediterranean chicken

Wednesday: American chop suey, salad

Thursday: ? Something quick & easy before the concert

Friday: Burgers, oven fries

Saturday: Maybe chicken fajitas or quesadillas?

Sunday: Pot roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli or green beans, salad

Hope you have a great day!

Bake sale goodies

Bake sale goodies

These are my goodies from the bake sale at the library! Our bakers went above and beyond with the donations and it was so hard to choose what to bring home, but I decided on peanut butter brownies, chili chocolate cookies, and pecan bars. (The pecan bars are amazing!!!) Looks like I won’t need to bake desserts this week!

Today in bullets…

Today I…

  • Made a bank deposit for work
  • Ran a few errands and grabbed some things for Drew’s birthday tomorrow
  • Got home and had lunch
  • Did a load of laundry
  • Watched Smile on Amazon Prime (it was pretty good, but I don’t think it lived up to the initial hype).
  • Got chili started 
  • Called my folks and talked to them for a while
  • Finished making dinner (chili dogs and salad)
  • Showered while Drew cleaned up the dishes

… and that’s about it. Right now we’re watching Pretty Little Liars with Laura. Honestly, it felt kind of nice to have a relatively laid back day!