Beyond Record Store Day

My teenage son and husband are obsessed with records. You read that right — LPs are back, if you didn’t know! There are a few stores around where they like to browse. Used to just be music shops selling guitars, gear, etc. interested them but now they’re always on the lookout for albums, too. I can just imagine my husband going on a business trip and doing a quick search for something like music stores columbus ohio so he could plan ahead and make sure he got to check out cool shops! Because you never know when you’ll find a place that has both — music gear AND the music you’ve been looking for!

Open Mic Fun

I may live in a small town, and I may be biased because I work at the library, but I swear… we have some great stuff going on. One of our more popular programs is the monthly open mic night we host. Drew just started playing at them last month, but he really enjoys it. The performers all love checking out what everyone is playing. Last night we noticed someone had a Steve Harris bass. A lot of people played Christmas songs, which was fun! Sadly, I missed my husband’s set because I had to run down to the school and pick up Noah from the middle school dance. Luckily, it’s recorded so I can listen to it later. Such a fun (and FREE) way to spend a Friday night!

Extra Long Weekend

Our kids have been treated to an extra-long weekend thanks to Columbus Day and a school conference day. They’ve had some much-needed downtime. My 9th grader seems to have been playing his bass non-stop. He has quite the course load this year, so he hasn’t been able to play as much as he wanted. Originally I thought we could take a ride to Guitar Center Manchester CT, but with work and some other family events we couldn’t swing it this time around. We’ll have to get there sometime though — he’d have a blast looking around, I’m sure!

High School Rock Band

My son and a few of his friends are in a band, and it’s really cool to see them all collaborating on songs. They always seem to be working on something new. I know one of the guys was looking at recording equipment a month or so ago. It might have been the focusrite 2i4, but I’m not positive. I know that now that school is in session it will be harder for them to get time together to practice and work on a new album, but I definitely look forward to hearing what they come up with. And in the meantime, I’m hopefully that they’ll try to get out there and perform in front of people. That’s important, too.

Summer Music

So I recently started working as the program coordinator at my local library, and we are doing a summer music series for the first time! We have a variety of bands scheduled, from doo-wop to Celtic, and everything in between. I’m going to be busy making sure we have available all the equipment that the musicians will need. (I wonder if I should check out digital piano reviews — seems like I am checking on everything else!) I hope the weather will cooperate and I hope we get a good showing!