Friday Routine

I am definitely a create of habit. I enjoy planning and routines. (It might be the control freak in me, LOL!) Anyway, today was the last day of my current Friday Routine. During what I call “annual appeal season” every Friday I need to check the P.O. Box for work, just in case any donation checks were sent there instead of our physical address. I have been waiting on one check so we could close out this year’s appeal and it was there today so I can resume my monthly visits instead of weekly. (We rarely get anything delivered there.) This is our tiny little post office!

Because it’s in a part of town that I rarely need to visit, I always feel like I deserve a treat for going out of my way, so I usually hit up our local Stewart’s for coffee and a muffin. Their chocolate cream cheese muffins are my favorite, but I didn’t see any today so I got a cinnamon crunch muffin along with my usual dark roast. Honestly, it is probably best that I slow my Stewart’s stops down because the muffins really aren’t helping me with my weight loss goals!

Our town is very small — barely over 4,000 people. It does not have its own school district, so kids who live here attend school in one of four other districts. Also, aside from the Agway and Stewart’s, there aren’t any chains here. If you enjoy small town, country life, Clinton is definitely the place for you! We have a couple small café/delis, a sit-down restaurant, a wine shop, a gift shop, lots of farm markets, and two vineyards. You will not be seeing a fast food restaurant, supermarket, or major drug store here anywhere soon, which I like for the most part, but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to travel 15 minutes for these types of things. Of course, it is a small price to pay for all of the open space and nature we enjoy. When the weather is nicer and flowers are blooming I want to do an “around town” post to show off some of these picturesque spots.

At any rate, with the check in my bag and coffee in my hand it was time to head to work for the day. I’m not sure if I have ever shared a photo of the outside of the library on my blog, so here it is:

I also took this photo as a “before” image because we are finally (finally!) moving forward with an ADA ramp project that started in 2018. (Lots of small town government drama that we don’t need to get into.) But at the Town Board meeting last week, the bid was accepted and hopefully by summer we will have a new accessible entrance.

So that was the start to my day. I am trying to get a bunch of items checked off my to-do list and I will be super happy when 4 PM finally rolls around! TGIF!

Yes, It Snowed

Well, it definitely snowed! There was barely a flurry when I went to bed last night and around 5:30 AM I was woken up to the dulcet tones of chainsaws (ha!) across the street. It took me a few minutes to register what the noise was, but then I saw the beacon on one of the highway vehicles and put it all together. The heavy snow weighed everything down and while we have luckily not lost power so far, friends nearby have.

These first two photos were around 7 AM before Drew had a chance to go out, clear the driveway, and shake everything off.

You can see one of the branches on the pussy willow broke.

Same with this tree by the shed – the weight of the snow was just too much for it. Obviously, everything was closed. Both the governor and our county executive declared a state of emergency for the area, which meant no driving on the roads.

Believe it or not it is still snowing as I type this at 6:30 PM! The wind is supposed to kick up tonight, but I am hoping it doesn’t. We don’t need anymore branches down! All told, I think we got around 10-12″ of snow. It’s so hard to say when it is compacted like this, but it is more than enough regardless!

Springing Into… Winter?

What did I say? I thought it might be a snowy March and it seems to be holding true. A couple inches fell last night and we are looking at a Nor’easter on Monday that may bring 12”-18” of snow. 

The library board already canceled our monthly meeting because the snow is supposed to start on Monday afternoon. I’m expecting a snow day on Tuesday as well. Hopefully the winds won’t be too strong, but the generator is ready in case we lose power. 

Maybe we all can curl up like Marlowe here and enjoy winter’s last hurrah. In like a lion as they say, right?

What a Weird Winter

What happened to winter this year? I know so many people dislike the cold, but it’s just not right to have the forecast for the upcoming week have temperature in the high 50s in February! The last few Marches have had some whopper snow storms so I guess we will see if we get anything then. Though at this point the weather already has me thinking about spring. It is definitely weird. 


Cold enough for ya? LOL! It sure was today. When I went downstairs at 7 it was -8 degrees! Now, I enjoy winter and cold weather, but it was really, really cold. But by the time I went out this afternoon it had gone up to a whopping 15 degrees! And of course, tomorrow it’s going to be almost 50. Just crazy. Did it get super cold where you live today?