Catching Up

31 weeksAs you can see from the photo, we are less than 2 months away from our baby girl’s big debut! I have reached the “tired of being pregnant” point. Generally I feel good, but man — it’s like Cirque du Soliel in my womb. I’ve had more than a few jabs that actually hurt, LOL! I’ve been able to cross off a couple items on my to-do list, so at least I’m doing something.

Drew and I enjoyed a kid-free weekend. The boys went to their grandmother’s on Saturday afternoon and Drew’s picking them up after work tonight. We had a great time and were able to both enjoy some relaxing down-time as well as get some things done around the house. I didn’t get any crafting in, but there’s still time this afternoon. I’m torn between relaxing and finishing up the laundry, LOL!

Jake is on vacation this week, and the weather doesn’t look very cooperative, unfortunately. So I’ve been trying to come up with some fun activities to do with the boys. Obviously we’ll dye Easter eggs (and I will enjoy devilled eggs later in the week – yum!). I also think I might make hot cross buns with them on Good Friday. We’ll probably decorate cupcakes for Easter dessert (I think I might skip the nests this year – lemon cupcakes sound really good to me instead.) Sandra recently made Flubber with her kids, and I think the boys would have a blast with that. I was also thinking of using cotton balls to make bunny pictures, since that’s something Noah could easily do. And finally I was thinking we could go and snip off a few stems from our forcythia bushes to force inside. They have little tiny buds on them so it should work! Aside from that, we’ll just wing it.

I’m really looking forward to Easter! We’ll be going to my MIL’s for dinner as usual. I’ve also got all the goodies for the boys’ Easter baskets (I have to remember to hide everything before they get home tonight!). We usually have them put their baskets out before bed and then the Easter bunny fills them while they’re sleeping. This way I can use the same baskets every year 🙂 They’ll be getting jelly beans, a “golden” egg, a small chocolate bunny, activity books, a Hot Wheels car, some new toys for the sandbox, and a couple other little things. I think they’ll be happy!

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  1. You’re getting close now. Yay! It’s great to have a productive weekend, especially when you can mix in some fun. I am too out of time to mix in much of that though. 🙂 hehe.

  2. I can’t believe how quickly your pregnancy has flown by. She’ll be here before you know it. You are looking great! Meredith was the same way movement-wise. She didn’t move around a whole lot, but when she did, she sure made her presence known! I remember standing in the kitchen with my mom toward the end and her kicking me ~ and it actually HURT! Lucas, however, never made any strong movements ~ his were more constant, though. I went to the dollar store to get the kids’ Easter basket things, and I came away with lots of awesome things that were *really* good and not junk. Looking forward to putting them together! 🙂

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