Car Angel

It might be a little late to make the cut for you 2007 taxes, but maybe next year as you’re donating old clothes and books, if you have an old vehicle sitting in your garage, you might want to consider donating it to an organization called Car Angel. I had heard about people who donate cars, boats, or other vehicles they are no longer using to other agencies, but this is one I had not been familiar with until recently. Car Angel uses the money from these donated vehicles to produce videos for children, including Christian videos that focus on love, morality, truthfulness, and bravery. The movies are distributed for free Here is an example of one of the “Donkey Ollie” videos:

The agency does a lot of charitable work aside from that. They have a literacy program aimed at imprisoned youths and adults, an anti-drug program, they offer relief for impoverished children in third world countries, and other programs as well.

Donating a vehicle is as easy as filling out a form. You will instantly get a receipt for your tax-deductable donation, towing arrangments will be made, and you release your vehicle, title, and keys to the driver. I do know of people who have vehicles just collecting dust on their property for whatever reason so this program might be worth looking into.

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