Busy, busy!

And yet, I am not quite sure what I have been busy doing, but the week is just flying by. I still have to write my CSA post for the week, too. Yikes! Yesterday I watched Lisanne‘s two little cuties for a while while she did an interview for an article and then we had a great visit. She made an *awesome* tomato tart. Oh, it was delicious! I really enjoyed catching up with her and I feel so bad that she is not feeling well today 🙁

With the colder weather here, it seems like everyone is getting a cold or the flu. I mean, it’s not winter-coat and UGG boots cold or anything, but the days of running outside while barefoot are over and sweatshirts are mandatory for the boys. I do love fall, though. We still haven’t gone apple picking yet and I am hoping to do that this weekend. I borrowed a great cookbook from the library yesterday — all apple recipes! Good stuff.

Well, I am about to run out to pick up a few sale items at Shop Rite. I hate going there (I swear it is worse than Walmart!) But some of their sales are too good to pass up. It is worth the suffering to save a bunch of money, LOL!

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