I just can’t seem to warm up today. I’ve had about four mugs of tea, but it’s not helping. I feel very unmotivated today. I need a kick in the pants, I think! At any rate, at least my mouth is doing better. I’m back to eating normal foods again, though I’m still staying away from chips, popcorn, and tiny pastas. The hole on my right side seems well-healed already, but on my left side it’s still pretty obvious. That’s the side with the hooked root. Still, it ain’t so bad.

Jake ended up going to school this morning. He was thrilled — yesterday he cried because we wouldn’t let him go. He still has the cough but is otherwise fine. So I gave him some long-lasting cough medicine before school, armed him with throat lozenges and hoped for the best. I’ve not received a call to pick him up so hopefully that means he’s still doing well. I know a cough can be distracting, but… sometimes a cough can linger for weeks. What can you do, you know?

I have some sewing that I’d really like to get to today. Unfortunately I’m not sure I will. Boo for that. I also really want to finish the Attic24 bag before Rhinebeck. It’s frustrating that even though I often have the time, I don’t have the extra arms. I can’t do these things while holding a baby at the same time, LOL.

Noah went apple picking with his nursery school this morning and came home with a bag of apples, so we’ll be making apple crisp this weekend. I am pretty sure I’ve shared my recipe before but I’ll share it again once I make it. I love apple crisp and will pick it over pie any day! Drew also brought home a pumpkin from the farm where they went, and Noah found a really nice feather. I think it might be from a hawk. I’ll have to ask my Dad. He knows all about those kinds of things 😉

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  1. I’m with you in the chill thing… We dropped about 20 degrees over night here in Chicago… Bummer is now I have to go repack for Door County trip next week…… Brrrrrrrrrrrrr…. bring on the Hot Chocolate….

  2. We’re going apple picking with Meredith’s preschool on Tuesday, and I can’t wait! 🙂 I love apple crisp, too, but I’m hard-pressed to decide which I like better: crisp or pie! I’m so cold, too. I’ve been drinking tea like crazy.

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