No wonder everyone is getting sick, the weather did a complete 180-degree turn. Earlier this week is was in the high 60s, and today it certainly feels much more like December — chilly and very windy.

I had planned on buying and writing out my Christmas cards today, but I couldn’t find any cards at Walmart (WTF?), and I just was not going to brave Target and the mall. But I did get some good grocery shopping done. The boys have been devouring clementines all afternoon (only $4.99/box!), and I bought some chicken cutlets with which I’ll make chicken piccata tomorrow. We had a bottle of Rabbit Ridge sauvignon blanc, and while it was not fantastic for drinking, it’ll be fine for cooking. I haven’t made that dish in months, and it’s a family favorite, so I’m looking forward to that. While we were grocery shopping at Walmart, Santa Claus made an appearance (“See”, I told Jake, “He knew you were shopping with mommy!”). Heh! Jake asked Santa if he could visit the North Pole. Santa replied, “You’ll have to ask your mom!” Nothing like passing the buck, big guy! They were also doing free photos, but by the time we were ready for check-out and such, the kids were just ready to go, and I don’t think any kind of photo would have turned out well. Still, I thought that was really nice!

We then hit Stop & Shop because Walmart’s produce looked terrible, and it turned out to be a worthwhile detour. They had a bucket with bouquets of roses (10 stems) marked down to $2.99! They might have been a day old, but they looked really good, so I bought two bouquets. I haven’t bought myself fresh flowers in probably two years even though I love having them in the house. (When I lived in Boston, I’d buy myself a bouquet whenever I was having a bad day. There was a woman who sold them at the Davis Square T-stop for, I think $5/dozen. A small price to make yourself feel like a million.) Anyway, they are deep red and gorgeous here in my kitchen.

I should probably go and vaccum the living room. Last night Drew and I moved furniture around to accomade the Christmas tree, and as anyone with little kids can imagine, we unearthed ungodly amounts of old Cheerios, corn flakes, and popcorn kernals. I need to get it all cleaned up before we decorate tomorrow. (Oooh, but then I can reward myself with a Rice Krispie treat, made fresh by Chef Jake earlier this afternoon! Scrummy!)

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  1. 😀 I enjoyed your post. What a good deal on roses! The weather change here is unreal… Tuesday it was a record-topping 68 degrees here but since Wednesday the wind chill hasn’t gotten out of the single digits. Bleck!

  2. We’ve gone through two boxes of those oranges (also $4.99/box!) in the last week and a bit. They are soooooooo good.

    What is it with cheerios and other nonsense infiltrating EVERY nook and cranny in the house? A mystery of the Universe, I tell you.

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