bows, boats, bb guns, and bbqs

Jake has spent the week in Cub Scout camp and has been having a fantastic time. He’s learned about boating safety and gone out on the lake several times. He also had the opportunity to learn about gun safety and shoot a BB gun for the first time. He brought home his target and man — he did all right! I’m thrilled that he’s learning how to properly use a gun; we don’t have any in our home, but I think when you know what it can do that makes a big difference.


The other favorite activity this week has been archery. He first shot a bow and arrow at the Cub & Partner weekend back in June and he took to it right away. When you consider that he hasn’t had many opportunities to practice with the bow, he’s really quite good. In fact (shh!) I think we’re going to get him his own youth archery set for his birthday. Jake can be a little scattered sometimes, but he really focuses when he’s out on the range. Not to mention that it looks pretty cool!


Last night was a BBQ for the scouts and their families, and that was pretty fun. Noah loved going down the waterslide and it was fun walking around the camp and getting a sense of the thing Jake has been doing all week. As much as take issue with some of the policies of the BSA as an organization, the men and women who volunteer and put this camp together are just amazing. He’s learned so much in such a short period of time and it’s the kind of stuff you can’t learn from textbooks, which makes it valuable in a whole different way. I’m sure he’ll be a little bummed when I pick him up in a few minutes, since today is the last day of camp. But he’s made some great memories and learned new skills which he can continue to hone if he chooses. It was a good week.

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