Boring house update

So we haven’t heard from our real estate agent in a couple weeks. There was a showing a couple Wednesdays ago, but from the moment these people got out of the car we knew the house was not for them. (And it wasn’t). I was irritated because they were 20 min. late. The appt. was for between 5 and 6 and they never showed up until well after 6. In fact, we were just putting Noah to bed, so we insisted they look at the upstairs first. So not cool! They gave me a bad vibe anyway, so it’s just as well!


  1. Shannon O. says:

    I’m so sorry Carol… that really sucks… I keep hoping that you will find someone that will want to buy your house… which I think is so cute and charming… don’t see why others don’t see that…

  2. Carol says:

    What just cracks me up are the people (like this particular couple) who say the house is “too small.” It is 2300 sq. ft.! How much freaking space do two people need? We’re a family of four and looking to scale DOWN. Craziness.

  3. Mike says:

    I got a call on a house today ,.,. already 4-5,000 sq ft and they are putting on a 7-8000 sq ft addition .. can you say NO NEED!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I wish people like that would tell their agents what they are looking for. Why waste your time and effort on a house that is obviously *too small* (what a crock!) to begin with!?

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