Black Friday

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Ours was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Now today is my dad to put all the dishes away, do the laundry, and get back to normal. It also is, as we all know, Black Friday. Honestly, if I didn’t have a dentist appointment this afternoon, I wouldn’t even bother going out of the house. I used to really enjoy shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s gotten out of hand and honestly, I don’t think the deals are as good. You can do just as well online.

Drew was sneakily doing a little online ordering this morning and says he’s now all done with his shopping! I found a couple little things for him, but I need just a few more. Hmm… I’m not rushing, though. Thanksgiving was kind of early this year (at least it seems so!), and there is still plenty of time to stalk the sales.

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  1. Agree on the Black Friday. Matter of fact, I’ve never gone out shopping on that day though LOL

    I have bought only a few things for Christmas, making a lot of handmade this year though 🙂

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