bits & pieces

Well, I haven’t done a bullet-point entry in quite a while, but being that my thoughts are disjointed, I suppose it makes sense 🙂

  • It’s Cub & Partner weekend, which means D. & J. will will be camping out at Camp Nooteeming (“Men of the Woods!”) until Sunday morning. It’s going to be soggy for them, that’s for sure. D. ran out to get another tarp for under the tent. Hopefully the rain is over for a while. Luckily, the camp is nearby. Just a bit south on the Taconic Parkway. Of course, they’ll just have to be careful on the way home, seeing as how it’s Father’s Day. I’m sure there will be a lot of people on the road.
  • The boys have one more week left of school. I feel like summer will never start! I’m looking forward to not having to listen to all the dumb things other kids say, LOL. I’d love to know how other people parent — some of the things I hear make my jaw drop!
  • D.’s mom and aunt are coming up on Father’s Day and I think I’ll probably do a beef tenderloin. It’s easy and delicious! The kids have a gift for their dad that I happen to think is pretty cool. Hopefully he’ll agree once he opens it!
  • I finished all three books in the Hunger Games series, by Suzanne Collins. It’s been a long time since I read three books cover to cover in a year, let alone a month! They lived up to the hype, that’s for sure.
  • Now I need to get back to crochet. I haven’t picked up my afghan squares since March? April? It’s been a while. My fingers are ready to pick up the hook again!

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