Bits of my Garden

Well it was quite a strange day today, filled with all kinds of ups and downs. We woke up to the news that my husband’s aunt had another stroke this morning. She has Alzheimer’s and just had a stroke in April. This one affected the other side of her brain. 
Drew went down there tonight and she seemed to actually be in good spirits and she recognized him immediately, so that was really good. Her already bad vision, however, has now deteriorated further. All in all, I guess it could be worse, but it is just another blow that I’m sure will make the Alzheimer’s progress further. If you have ever had experience with Alzheimer’s or dementia I am sure you understand how devastating it is to see. She will be in the hospital for at least a day or two while they do some more tests.
I did get some good news tonight that I can’t talk about just yet, but it was definitely a nice way to end the day. After dinner I took a little walk around the yard to check on my plants.
Ferns. We have so many ferns around our house. They grow everywhere and honestly I get frustrated with them because they just overtake certain areas. It’s always surprising when I see how much they cost at the garden center because I just have more than I care to!
Geranium. I love geraniums, especially the smell. My oldest gave me this one for Mother’s Day. They were selling them at the high school and I am so proud of myself for keeping it alive! And look at all those buds! The flowers are a beautiful salmon color and I can’t wait to see them open again.

Roses. This rose bush moved with us from our last home, over 15 years ago. I got it for my first Mother’s Day! I’m sure it would be bigger if I took proper care of it, but it is a faithful bloomer.

Day lilies. This is one of the fancier day lilies I got last summer. I wish I remembered the names of the varieties. Can’t wait to see what color this one is! I know some were pink, some were yellow, and there might have been a purple too.

I’ve kept things pretty simple this year, but at least I am not overwhelmed with plant care. My tiger lilies also have buds, and I can’t wait for those to bloom, too! I think everything will pop in the next few days… Can’t wait to see the beautiful color in my flower beds.

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