Birthday Girl!

That would be me! (And my friend Heidi, too!) Although the day did not start great (J. was up a number of times during the night with fake boo-boos, sigh…), it has certainly gotten better.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes! I really appreciate them 🙂 My husband totally spoiled me and gave me a gorgeous strand of red pearls (I love my black pearls and these are so pretty and a little more casual), a gift certificate to Victoria’s Secret (they have skull and crossbones underwear, woot!) and we’re going to see How to Save the World and Find True Love in 90 Minutes next Sunday! It’s been so long since I’ve been in the city! Well, we were there in April for D.’s high school reunion, but we weren’t really walking around at all. I think prior to that the last time was when I was pregnant with N.

I also decided to use up some Amazon credits that I have and earlier this week I bought for myself Scarf Style and Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Embellishments. Plus, I bought the new(ish) G. Love CD and the new(ish) Regina Spektor CD. I can’t wait for everything to arrive!

I think we’re getting pizza tonight and I have a bottle of Carmenère that I plan on cracking open. I plan to do a little knitting (I’ve finished all my gift knitting that I had going so as soon as everything is recieved I will post photos), and right now I’m doing a quick drop-stitch scarf out of Patons SWS (“natural earth”) for me, and a cell-phone case for DH (he doesn’t like me calling it a “cozy!”). Then I resolve to finish up my feather & fan shawl so I can wear it before Thanksgiving. After that… all bets are off! I’ll be looking for something different to try — maybe some fingerless gloves? Or maybe I’ll suck it up and give socks a try. I am feeling up for a challenge, so if anyone has a suggestion, let me know!

OK, I am off to buy myself a big ole slice of chocolate cake. Because it ain’t a birthday if there’s no chocolate!

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