birthday day!

Well, I think I pulled off a successful birthday for my husband today. For dinner I made (his choice) hot & sour soup and a copycat version of P.F. Chang’s lettuce wraps. I’d never made the lettuce wraps before but they came out really good and I know I’ll be making them again. Truthfully, it’s been so long since I last had them (and I think the one time I had lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang’s they were actually the vegetarian ones), so I can’t vouch for how close they resemble the restaurant dish. But with some tweaking to the recipe I used, I think I stumbled onto a good thing. I positioned them as “Asian tacos” to get the boys to try them. Noah wouldn’t eat it, but Jake thought they were pretty good. Progress. For dessert I bought a chocolate crunch cake from Holy Cow, a local ice cream shop in Red Hook. Oh, the deliciousness! We all enjoyed it. I expect Drew and I to enjoy another slice after the kids are in bed 😉

The weather was beautiful today and if it were just slightly warmer we could have eaten on the deck. Speaking of which I would really like to spruce it up before Jake’s first Communion. I need to clean our patio cushions and get my planters going. While the idea of outdoor rugs is appealing, I wonder just how weatherproof they really are. And I don’t need to go crazy here. Just some pansies or petunias will make a big difference.

I think tonight we’ll just hang out. I am exhausted this week for some reason. I think an evening vegging out with a movie sounds pretty good.

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  1. That recipe looks great! I think I might try it someday when I feel like cooking. 😉

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