Big Boy Bed, Night #2

I think the fact that the boys are sharing a room is stressing me out a little bit. Whenever one makes noise, I’m afraid the other one is going to wake up. Last night around 10:30 or so, Jake started whimpering so I went up to check on him. He must have been dreaming because he had no idea why I was up there. A bit later, Noah started. Drew settled him down, and then at 2:30 he got up again. This time I went. And then he was up for the day around 4:50. It’s like we’re going backwards here. We’d just gotten to the point where he was starting to sleep until around 6 (I’m sure, partially because I’ve been a hardass about naps — he cries and protests for a few minutes, but then sleeps for an hour or slightly more). He hasn’t napped in a few days. Sleep begets sleep — at least with our children. But we’ll carry on. I’m hoping he’ll nap today and get up at a more reasonable hour tomorrow.

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  1. 4:50 am? Where’s the duct tape? LOL (No, I don’t have kids, but I want to some day, so yes, I will get paid back! LOL)

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