Beware the Ides of March

Indeed. To follow up to my last post, I finally got Noah to go to bed without screaming around 4 and he slept until 6. The worst part of last night was that while Noah was wide awake playing with the Aquadoodle and light sabres, I was alternately shivering or sweating and coughing like mad. During his big one hour nap today I was able to lay down a bit and I think my fever might have finally broken. While I’m totally exhausted, I can actually concentrate on something like reading an e-mail, which I wasn’t able to do this morning.

I did drag my sorry ass out to the Elementary school to register Jake for Kindergarten, so that’s done. He has his screening in May.

Otherwise, I have done as little as possible today. Jake has been awesome, rubbing my legs and offering me his stuffed toys. Noah is a huge pest crying about everything. Sigh… About three hours until Drew will be home. I hope the time flies.

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