Best $30 I Could Have Spent

As if the cruddy weather yesterday wasn’t bad enough, dealing with the clean up today has been even worse. There was somewhere between 12 and 18 inches of snow piled onto our very long driveway (and even more at the end of the driveway thanks to the snow plows). And Drew was stuck down in Westchester yesterday because the weather was too bad to drive back up here, so I was so stressed out about clearing out the driveway. Even with the Jeep in 4-wheel drive and having shoveled down the mass of snowplow runoff, getting out of the driveway for Noah’s well-child visit this morning was difficult, at best.

When we got home from that, Noah was sleeping so I scarfed down half a sandwich and set Jake up with Noggin and his lunch and went back out to try to clear at least enough for Drew to get the car off the road when he gets home today. While I was struggling, I was secretly hoping someone with a plow would drive by and stop and lucky for me it happened. This guy who happens to live up the road offered to plow it for $30. I’m sure Drew would not have paid to have it done, but I have been majorly stressed out between three of us being sick (though we are now all better) and the snow and our realtor being a pain in the rear and… well, to me it was a small price to pay for just not having to worry about it. I happily forked over the cash when he was done and came inside with enough energy to start working on cleaning the inside of the house now.

Old Man Winter can go away any time he feels like it. Man, I miss those balmy temperatures we had in early January, even if they were weirdly unseasonable. I like the snow less and less with each passing year. Living somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of snow sounds mighty good right about now.

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