Beautiful Pearl Jewelry

I’m one of those women who loves jewelry. (And lucky for me I have a husband who like to purchase it! Ha!) But seriously, now that Noah is out of the stage where he’s constantly tugging at my earrings or necklace I’ve been wearing more again. I have several really beautiful pieces that Drew bought for me over the years including an amythest necklace and earring set, a saphhire pendant, and some beautiful pearl jewelry, too. I have a set of gray pearls as well as a gorgeous set of red pearls. I have an old pearl necklace that I think used to belong to one of my grandmothers, as well. I don’t think they’re real, but the necklace is pretty nevertheless. I also have a few pairs of pearl earrings — gray ones to go with my necklace and a few pairs of faux white pearls. There’s something so timeless about them. Not to mention they look fantastic with jeans and a t-shirt, or a little black dress! Now that’s jewelry that gives you some mileage!

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