Backyard Camping

Backyard camping. Because mommy screwed up the dates for Webelos Outdoor Weekend.

Sometimes even mommy makes mistakes. And sometimes they’re big mistakes like writing down the wrong weekend for your son’s Webelos Outdoor Weekend. Yes. That was me. Drew and Jake got the car packed up and headed over to the camp only to discover that it was last weekend.

Oh my word, I can’t even tell you how horrible I feel. I have no idea how this happened, but on all three (THREE!) of my calendars/planners, I marked it for this weekend. Luckily, he handled it like a champ and my absolutely amazing husband has an awesome at-home camping weekend planned out. We’re just missing the cheap picnic tables, LOL…

Anyway, we can apply what we already paid towards a week of regular Cub Scout Camp or another Cub & Partner weekend later this summer. I think we might just do the camp since Noah will be going. But still, I can’t believe I screwed that up! On the bright side, it turned out that one of the tent poles was broken, so if they guys HAD been camping away from home last night, they’d be stuck in a tent that wasn’t properly set-up. And it poured for a while, so… maybe it really was all for the best! So strange how things happen that way.

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  1. I had things like that happen all last summer!! What a rotten feeling. So glad you guys rose to the occasion and had fun anyhow – I’m sure this is something they’ll remember for a long time!

  2. Oh no! Sometimes we do something like that have though it makes no sense. I’m so glad Jake was able to deal with the disappointment and that he can still go to camp later.

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