Back With A Vengence

Nothing Says "Sickeningly Cute" Better than Bunny Slippers I really don’t have to say anything here because those who remember the “original” bunny slippers will either be giggling, or rolling their eyes. Either way… oh yes, I did finally find a pair of bunny slippers very similar to my old ones which were tossed out my dorm window at UMass, “slippernapped” when I lived in Boston, and have been hated on by many a boy who just didn’t get it. Yeah, well guess what? The bunnies are back. And they’re pissed. 😉 So watch your step, or they’ll watch it for you.

3 Replies to “Back With A Vengence”

  1. UGH .. well it was bound to happen … can not say I am surprissed … I am just shocked you actualy found a pair!

  2. Have you seen the monty python viscious bunny slippers? They’re awesome.

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