Back to the Dentist

Remember how I had those fillings a couple weeks ago? Well, the teeth continued to really hurt. In fact, I couldn’t even chew on my left side and my teeth were extremely sensitive to hot and cold. I gave it some time, thinking that the teeth just had to heal up, but after last weekend when I was popping Advil to dull the pain so I could sleep, well… I decided I had to call the dentist.

So today I went back for him to check on things. He took a couple X-rays and the filling isn’t cracked or damaged, but he did notice some inflammation around the roots as well as a couple high spots in the fillings themselves. (The inflammation is due to stress on the teeth or something like that.)

Anyway, he filed them down and I am happy to say that already I feel a difference! I just drank a cup of tea and the sensitivity was nowhere near as bad as even yesterday. So I hope this quick fix takes care of things because I really don’t want to have this filling removed, a temporary one put in, wait to see how I feel, and then a permanent filling finally placed (this would be the next course of action — blech.)

I will be so happy when I can chew on that side again! Such a pain.

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