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Oh, excuse me? Bwahahahahaha!!! Uh, no. Certainly not for me. I have a friend who is expecting her second baby next spring (she doesn’t read my blog so I can talk about her – ha!). While I certainly don’t miss wearing maternity clothes (well, okay, maybe I do… I had some really cute outfits, but I’m not going to be wearing them again), I do miss all the cute wee baby clothes. I’d like to knit something for her new baby, but I’m hedging between a sweater and a baby blanket. I have a couple really great baby blanket patterns, but the only think keeping me from knitting one is the fact that I got so many baby blankets. I’m sure she’s in a similar situation. I was thinking maybe a little sweater would be more useful. Thoughts?

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  1. Since the teachers at my school are popping out kids like nobody’s business (we think it’s something in the water), I’ve been keeping busy with baby knitting myself. Have you ever knit the baby kimono in Mason-Dixon Knitting? It’s a pretty quick knit. Knitting pattern central also has some good patterns:
    Good luck!

  2. I *looooove* handmade baby blankets. They’re awesome, and in my opinion you can never have too many! They are all so unique and beautiful! But … that kimono that you made for Miss Meri ~ I wanted to cry when she got too big to wear it! *sigh* I loved that. Anything you make will be appreciated! (Do I know this person?) Oh, and maybe you could have another one. hehe 🙂

  3. Lisanne, it’s my friend Anita — remember her from my wedding? And while I love the *idea* of having a little girl so I can use one of our top two girl names, a) because I already have two boys the genetic odds are stacked against me and 2) Um… No. Come on. You’ve been to my house. You’ve seen the dynamic duo in action, LOL!

  4. If she’s having a girl and you can find a pattern, a little baby shawl is a great gift. Someone made Mikayla one when she was a baby and it was so easy to slip over her head, no arms to worry about, and she was stylin’ in her little pink shawl.

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