Autumn’s Chill

Last day of summer break. Clearly, fall is knocking on the door.

I took this photo a month ago, at the beginning of Septemeber, when the chill of autumn still seemed so far away. Laura and I were just playing outside and my goodness… there’s a briskness out there letting us know that fall is here… there’s no going back.

Stock up the firewood, brew a pot of cider, and start looking for a cozy fleece people who are cold all the time (like me) would love to have for their upcoming birthday šŸ˜‰ Tomorrow’s low is supposed to dip down into the 20s. The 20s! Guess I really need to start clearing out the garden. Of course, the deer have helped themselves to plenty of flowers and leaves.

That actually makes me think that it really is going to be a tough winter. Last fall, the deer were barely noticeable. This year I’m seeing them everywhere and yes, as I mentioned, they’re wreaking absolute havoc on my plants. The squirrels and chipmunks are going crazy, too. Definitely makes me wonder.

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