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Why? Why can’t things just go swimmingly with this house sale? I’ve actually simmered down a lot about this since my discovery earlier this morning, but I’m still ticked off. I decided to do a quick Realtor*com search to see what other properties are for sale in our town, to compare. I noticed that there were two listings for our house, which I knew, but for some reason this time I noticed two different prices — the price we listed it at in June, and then the (reduced) price we listed it at in October when we renewed our contract. I left a message with our realtor to let her know.

Then, I looked at the MLS sheets I have (for the rare occasion when someone comes to look), and though they were printed out in December, the price is still the old price. So then I looked at a few different sites: Homeseekers*com, a couple local brokerages that have MLS searches, and guess what? Every time our house is listed at the old price. It is a $5,000 difference! I called her back and let her know this. This time I spoke with her and she was like, “Oh, those sites aren’t updated regularly.” I said I’d feel much better if she would check for me. She had another client on hold so she said she would and she’d call me back.

After thinking about it a bit, in the big picture it’s probably not a huge deal because around here, November/December are very slow months, and obviously we’re going to decrease the price now, if it wasn’t changed, so it might be good timing since the “spring” market is said to start in February. But that doesn’t excuse it. She was the one who pressed us to lower the price, so I just assumed she’d be diligent about making the changes in MLS (because obviously that’s something I can’t do!). I really don’t want to micromanage every single aspect surrounding our lives.

Movies and Knitting and Stuff, Oh My

So not too much has been going on around here this week. I’m knitting the most ridiculous things: tiny scarves and hats for wine bottles for a window display. Totally goofy, yet cute and funny at the same time. When they’re done and the window has been decorated, I’ll have to take a picture.

Had a false-alarm this week with a house showing. That was really annoying. Our realtor left a message on Monday that there was going to be a showing Tuesday morning between 11 and 12. Now, that’s a rough time for me to be out with the kids because 1) it’s lunch time and 2) Noah takes a nap right after lunch so he’s also tired around that time. Nevertheless, we busted our butts to make sure the house was clean and, really, it sparkled. It looked so pretty! So you can just imagine how disappointed I was when I returned from grocery shopping with one hungry child and one sleeping child and heard a message from our realtor that the showing never happened. The buyer decided it was too far. Um, hello? This is something that she could have figured out before making the appointment. Has she not heard of the many mapping sites online? So that was very disappointing. But now our house is nice for us. I guess. I’m sure you are all tired of hearing me say this but I am so frustrated. I never in a million years would have thought selling a house would be this hard.

Anyway, last night Drew and I watched “X-Men: The Last Stand.” It was entertaining, but at the same time a little disappointing. I felt there were some holes that could have been patched. And what happened to Nightcrawler? He is completely absent from the movie, without explanation! Good effects in the movie, but the dialogue was eh and the color wash in the Golden Gate Bridge scene was totally weird. I don’t know if there was a reason for it, or if it was a processing error. All in all, it was a let down. But Hugh Jackman was still hot, so that’s a good thing! 🙂

Not much else has been going on. A quiet week over here.

Yummy Recipe Here!

It’s slow-cooker Thursday, hosted by Sandra! I’m about to heat this up for today’s lunch, actually. I made it yesterday and Noah couldn’t get enough of it for dinner. In fact, Jake had a bowl of this soup in addition to his spaghetti and sausage, so it’s obviously kid-friendly. It’s also possibly the easiest chicken soup I’ve ever made. I had my doubts, I’ll admit. I usually do the whole thing — make my own stock with the chicken carcass and veggies, strain it, chop up fresh veggies, et cetera. I wasn’t sure how this would compare, but it is really good. I found the recipe in a new slow-cooker cookbook I bought over the weekend. I’ll also keep it posted on my cooking blog. Enjoy!

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

1 cup diced carrots
1 cup diced celery
1/2 cup diced onion
1 lb diced boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 package (6 oz) of long grain and wild rice mix with seasoning packet
3 cups chicken broth
2 cups water
1 tbsp. parsley
black pepper

Combine everything in your Crock Pot. Cook on low all day.

Yarn Raffle for a Good Cause

grandma1.jpg My friend Holly‘s grandmother passed away in December, and she is raffling off a very special skein of her own handspun yarn in her honor. You may order tickets to benefit Mountain Valley Hospice in Gloversville, NY (they helped Holly’s grandmother and family during her last days). The drawing will be on February 1. You can buy tickets at Miss Hawklet. It’s a good cause and I can personally attest to the amazing quality of Miss Hawklet yarn. I already bought my ticket!

No Snow In Sight, And That’s Alright!

My SP9 hostess is having one last contest: Post about why you do or don’t like the snow. That’s actually a tough one for me because I have a love/hate relationship with it. Before I had small children I really liked it because it made for cozy days drinking tea, watching movies, reading, scrapbooking (because I didn’t know how to knit back then), and just lazing about. But now, it’s a different story. It’s fun to play in for a while, but then the kids don’t want to come in, which starts a big arguement and that’s no fun. Plus, there’s the hassle of getting everyone dressed, which takes at least 20 minutes. And aside from the kids, living in the middle of nowhere, the snow is a huge pain in the arse because roads don’t get plowed well, the Taconic is a nightmare to drive on in the snow (twice last year we spun off the road and I really can’t believe that not only did we not hit another car or roll the car we were driving, but no one was injured in the least). Our driveway is not paved, so it’s not easy to shovel, and using the snowthrower is tricky because of the gravel — you don’t want rocks chewing up your blade. So all in all, I’m pretty happy with the lack of snow this winter. It’s rainy and that’s fine with me. I really don’t miss the white stuff!


I’m so happy! I finally have my laundry under control, after the chaos of the holidays! Somehow it piled up higher and was ignored longer, but today I have tamed the laundry beast. I have just a few items to fold and put away and then the only things in the hamper are a couple towels. I am totally staying on top of it this year. Doing laundry is no big deal. Folding it? That gets done too. It’s the putting away that is my problem. But I’m committing myself to doing small, manageable loads and putting everything away as soon as the clothes are folded. I really hope that my motiviation sticks throughout the year!

This Makes My Day!

tp2.jpgI have been waiting for this since I got Season 1 for Christmas back in 2001! It’s been five long years, but Twin Peaks Season two is going to be released on April 10!!! I don’t get all “fangirl” over a lot of shows, but this is one of the select few. Oh, I’m so psyched! I watched this show religiously when I was in high school and even wrote a paper on it in college. When it arrives, I’m going to bake a cherry pie, make a damn fine cup of coffee, and have a Twin Peaks marathon!

Back to Normal!

Whew! Finally, life as we know it resumes. The holidays were great, but I’m glad everything is over. I’m glad we’re back to just the regular old pace of things, and a whole year to look forward to. I know a lot of people are recapping their 2006s, but I’m not going to. It was a hard year, but often the most difficult things have the greatest rewards. So 2007 has *got* to be better. Our house *has* to sell. That really is the only thing I’m hoping for — the our house sells and we move before Jake starts kindergarten in the fall. I want to get back to living in a neighborhood where I can go for daily walks, not have to drive miles to buy a gallon of milk, to hopefully make some “real life” friends. I also am looking forward to going to church on a regular basis once we move and getting more involved. (Unless, of course, we’re still here at this time next year in which case I might very well leave the Catholic church for good because if that happens, God really doesn’t like me much, LOL). As for my goals for the year (I don’t want to call them resolutions), they are:

  1. Lose 15 lbs. Currently I’m hovering around 155. Ideally, I want to get back down to 135, but I’ll take 140. Once we  move, we’ll be living somewhere where I can actually go out walking at least once a day, so that will help tremendously. But until then, I just have to put down the cookies.
  2. Read 12 books. Some people are setting goals of 50 or 70 books, but unless you’re a single college student, I don’t know how realistic that is. If I can read one a month, I’ll be happy. I didn’t finish a single book in 2006, though I started several.
  3. Knit a lace shawl. My own personal knitting challenge for the year.
  4. Journal more (in my written journal).
  5. Do a better job at nurturing my friendships. I was a big slacker in 2006 and was awful about keeping in touch with people.

Our New Year started out nicely. I made waffles and raspberry topping for breakfast. We bought a new Christmas tree (it’s a 7.5 ft., pre-lit tree and was 75% off! Rock!). We took most of the Christmas decorations down. We made London Broil, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and salad for dinner. We put the boys to bed. We watched Monk. And we fell asleep. I can only hope that the rest of the year goes as well as the first day.


— Pattern here.
— About half a skein of Patons SWS in Natural Earth
— Size 8 needles

I CO 100 stitches instead of 120 and I think it could be a smidge smaller yet (and I have a huge egg head). Not sure if I like it or not. Well, I love the way it came out, but I’m not sure I like how it looks on me. It does keep my ears nice and warm, though! And I got to use some scrapbooking materials on this — an SEI button (not shown), heh!


You know what’s the best? Sticking a can of Coke in the freezer and timing it just right so that when you pull it out, there are tiny ice crystals floating inside. Ahh!