Ash Wednesday

Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! Because I had Monday off and did all of my running around then, I have been able to stay at home all day and it has been wonderful. I folded and sorted four baskets of laundry (and put my own away), made a big pot of minestrone soup, searched patterns for granny square bags (Laura saw the one the receptionist had at our hairdresser’s and asked me to make one similar), ordered a new bullet blender (after 10 years my Magic Bullet finally died), and talked to my folks on the phone for a bit. I think I definitely needed a “down day.”

Of course, it is also Ash Wednesday today and the beginning of Lent. As a pretty wishy-washy Catholic I don’t typically do much besides abstain from meat on Ash Wed. and Fridays, but this year I found this book on Hoopla and decided to give it  a try:

Every day there is a word to focus on, a scripture to read, and a meditation to think about. I thought it might even make an interesting paper craft project to journal through Lent and I have some ideas on how that might look. The ideas are spinning.

Now, like I said, normally we would go to Mass this evening, but I am not feeling well at the moment (raw, sore throat and bad sinus pressure), so it is probably best to keep my germs to myself. The weather is also factoring in tonight. After school activities were cancelled and it’s snowing right now, which is supposed to switch over to sleet and freezing rain. So, I’m just going to stay put and stay home. A big bowl of soup, sipping on tea, a hot shower, sitting by the wood stove, and hooking up a few granny squares sounds right to me.

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